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Return/Refund Arrangement

Refund policy

In the following cases, our shop will arrange a refund:

1. The pre-paid product is out of stock
2. The postage incurred by the return and exchange (please refer to the return and exchange policy for details)
3. The guest paid the extra amount by mistake (only if the difference exceeds HK$10 or more)

Regarding point 3 above:
1. If the guest pays an extra amount of less than HK$1 by mistake, we will not make a refund arrangement, please pay attention to it when paying.
2. If the customer mistakenly paid the extra amount within HK$1-10, we will reserve the amount for the customer to use in the next purchase. At the same time, the customer also needs to indicate the balance to be used on the order when shopping next time.
3. If it is more than HK$10, we will arrange a refund.

Refund method:
Guests must provide the bank account number and full name of the original payment method for refund arrangements.
If you pay by credit card/PAYPAL, we will refund the amount to the original credit card/PAYPAL account. The refund will be processed within 7-14 working days after both parties confirm all the information.
If payment is made by Octopus card, we will refund the bank account number and full name provided by the customer in cash for refund arrangement. The refund will be processed within 7-14 working days after both parties confirm all the information.

Return policy

We want to provide you with the best online shopping experience, so we have a 7-day return and exchange service. If you find that there is a problem with the goods, please contact us via Whatsapp within the return period, and we will have a specialist to contact you.

Commodities can be returned or exchanged under the following circumstances:

  1. The product is completely different from the photo (the difference needs to be specified in detail and reasonably)
  2. The product is damaged
  3. Mismatched goods (for example: ordering an electric door lock, the key door lock is received)
  4. Guest change product

If it is the above 1-3 points, please provide us with product photos via Whatsapp for confirmation.


  • Each order is only limited to a one-time return and exchange arrangement, it is recommended that the customer check it as soon as possible
  • All returned goods must remain in their original condition, that is, unused, and all accessories and hardware must be returned together with the original packaging bags.
  • Our return and exchange period is 7 days, that is, the customer must contact us and send the goods within 7 days after receiving the goods.

  • After receiving the notice from the customer, we will process the return and exchange for the customer. The re-selected product must be selected within 7 days and the difference (if any) will be made up.
  • The exchange application only accepts reorders of the same style and color.
  • Regarding the first point, if the store determines that this situation is met, the customer can choose to refund in full and exchange the goods according to the above guidelines. If there is a difference, a refund can be made.
  • If the above conditions are not met, the shop will not accept return and exchange arrangements.
  • All specials/clearance/surprise prices/customer-made products in this store are not accepted for any reason.

Round-trip postage arrangement:

  • If it is the above 1-3 points, the shipping cost of returning the product and sending the re-ordered product will be borne by Sun Sze Glass Engineering. Products will be shipped by regular mail. If the customer wants to deliver by other methods, the difference in postage must be reimbursed.
  • If the customer wants to replace the product, the round-trip postage will be borne by the customer.

In case of any dispute, Sun Sze Glass Engineering will have the right to make final decision .

If you have any doubts about the goods, please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp, we will provide assistance as soon as possible.

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